1# Grass circles sparkle curiosity in Carmen de Areco (Argentina)


Sunday noon. At the entrance of the municipal airfield of Carmen de Areco a dozen people with half a dozen cars stand impatiently. Among them journalists, ufologists and a number of curious people. “They won’t let us in” they comment. The man responsible for the airfield and someone on his side approaches the group and speaks with a couple of them. One of them is an ufologist with his distinctive cap of an alien drawing of the “gray” kind. The man in charge of the airfield explains that he doesn’t want large number of people and cars next to a working airstrip. That the day before the crowd was so large they ended up playing football. That his work is ad honorem. They allow 3 people in and send the rest to park their cars next to the route and enter the field thru the fence to check the circles next to the runway’s head.

After jumping the fence and a ditch we come close to the circles. Three wide circles, very easily spotted from the sky, very obvious for the planes permanently flying in and out of the airfield.

Some observe them with curiosity. One person walks with his metal detector over the lines of the circles, hoping to find something. Another takes samples. In the middle of one of the circles an interview  of a local woman familiarized with ufos is conducted.

A local journalist (Jorge Barrios) tells me that in Carmen de Areco sightings of UFOs are a common ocurrence. He even interviewed people that claimed to be abducted. And speaks of other odd cases like haunted places. Skepticism about this case is noticeable, but he remains intrigued.

“Three circles next to a runway next to a national route?”. He doubts, and asks me in low voice (aparently I’m too loud for his taste) what I think it happened.

My answer was rather blunt:

Either some pranksters took the job of drawing those circles in order to generate all that trouble (that was not at all funny for the man responsible for the airfield) or this is yet another case of the hundreds or thousands of reports of activity of extraterrestrial or unknown origin.

It’s notorious how much resistance the idea of extraterrestrial activity on our world generates in the public. Even the most skeptic about the phenomena have said that in a universe so vast as ours it is not unthinkable that intelligent life like ours(?) exist. All kinds of reports have been brough to public attention over the decades and however, for whatever reason, the phenomenon is both marginalized and normalized.

It’s normal that UFOS and inexplicable phenomena are ocationally seen. It’s normal to discuss the possiblity of extraterrestrial life. What’s hard to digest is the idea that these phenomenons mean, like for example in this case, that aliens move around our societies with inordinate ease without any goverment or society acknowledging the situation.

Social consensus avoids that most people pursue the topic for long. Why should we? Our societies have other priorities.

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